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Child Erotica Links

I wanted to add links to Lolicon and Shotacon at FlatChan, DesuChan, iChan, NotfourChan, KonataChan, Anonib, LoliconRus,
99chan, 7chan, Sonic-Chan, AnimeOTK, Boyzbeingboyz, ShoChan, NeeChan, SectaChan (Spanish site), Factormoe (Spanish site),
TkLolicon (Spanish site), Aurorachan, PetiChan, PlayChan, ZeroChan, MyIncestHentai and Lolibooru.

As the sites above might not legal all over the World it is better you check your local laws first and once you are sure your Government 
allows Loli and Shota then search the internet for it.

WARNING: You must not search for Lolicon and Shotacon before you have made sure this is legal in your country! 

You could be charged with illegal cartoon possession and this usually carries a prison sentence, be responsible.

What is Lolicon?


Lolicon: Naked little girl sex cartoon similar to that found at FlatChan.
There is also a variant known as Yuri Lolicon or Yuri Loli (Little girl lesbian sex)

What is Shotacon?


Shotacon or Shota: Naked little boy sex cartoon, normally gay little boy but also solo 
naked little boy showing off.

What is straight shota?

straight shotacon

Straight Shotacon or Straight Shota: Woman and little boy sex cartoon, it also 
includes little girl and little boy sex cartoon.

Who is Pedobear?


Pedobear is known in Japan as "Kuma" (it means bear).
Pedobear is a funny paedophile cartoon bear, he has a big fan base over the internet.

Pedobear images can easily be found with Google/Bing/Yahoo/iZito/iXquick/Zuula

Others child sex stories:

IF child sex stories are legal in your country: Join an uncensored Usenet provider and find the group you will find child sex stories posted there tagged pedo. You can also post your own child porn fantasy stories at that same group or over at

My recommended uncensored Usenet providers:



Even if you live in China and your country censors the internet it does not matter, ISPs can not censor Usenet.

You will need a Usenet reader as well as a provider, for sex stories (text) you can get Mesnews free, binaries need a paid for Newsreader such as:


NewsBin Pro

Usenet Explorer

Some binary groups may carry lolicon and shotacon but I could not advice of any group in particular.

NN child modelling sites

Some binary groups may also carry Non Nude child modelling pictures.

You should stay well away from any NN child modelling images and websites, the law is very grey in this area, these are real images, if someone considers they are obscene, you could be sent to prison based on that, it does not matter if the children are clothed or not, the main focus of the judge/jury will be on deciding if it can be considered obscene and if the images have sexual purpose.

Obviously if the little girl is wearing a gstring and the less clothes the kids have on them, the easier it will be to consider the images obscene. But a fully clothed kid picture could also be considered illegal/obscene if the photos focus on their genitalia, for example.

Am I a solicitor/attorney?

No, this is not a legal advice site. It is based on my personal experience and it represents my opinion.

Legal disclaimer: Please respect your local anti child erotica laws at all times.

WARNING: The definition of legal child porn varies from country to country, you must make sure the content you access is permitted by your local Government, only you are responsible for your own actions. Please leave this site now and never come back if you are not allowed to be here.    



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