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  • Lost Video Found (12 chapters) boy,girl,scat,force

Download links: Lost Video Found(PDF Format 488Kb)  OR Lost Video Found (RTF Format 288Kb)

Author: Lone Dog
Prologue: Did you ever have a fantasy that you couldn’t shake? I started writing them down and after some time had a few that I wasn’t sure what to do with. LVF is a group of rambling short fantasized stories that came about over more than a few years. They were never intended to be really tied together as one connected story. I wrote them with months separating them in my down time when a fantasy swept over me and I needed to jot down before the memory eluded me. LVF1 started as a story I once read and couldn’t get out of my head, the rest ballooned from there. I give full credit to LVF1 to that long ago unknown author whom story I started and could never find to finish. LVF is still not finished and as long as I’m alive and having new fantasies it might not never be.